Oficina CEER
The University of Porto is looking for partners to develop a proposal to the FP7 Cooperation Programme, Socio-economic sciences and Humanities thematic

You will find below a description of what we wish to develop at a European level. The funding scheme is a large-scale integrating project and the dead-line for submitting the application is 29th of November 2007. Project overview This project aims at researching the consequences of the current shift in the economy and in FDI towards services. We want to understand the international networks that are emerging in the production of services and to explore the relationships and the interfaces between services and manufacturing. This project examines the interplay between the increased internationalization of business services, its relationship to manufacturing and the implications for the competitiveness of the European industries. The project will highlight the significant implications that the internationalization of services can have for country and region competitiveness. The expected result of the project will show that the linkages between manufacturing and services, often seen as independent activities, are crucial factors for competitiveness in global markets.

We will make use of case studies and survey data from several countries to identify the trends, characteristics and drivers that account for increasing internationalization of services. What are the likely consequences of this economic shift at the level of firms, namely, which management models will be more adequate, how can firms develop strategies for interfacing services and manufacturing, and, finally, how can they best manage people in a service-based economy.

The expression of interest could be sent to the following e-mail address: agabrielsen@reit.up.pt until the 7th of September 2007.

As its a large scale integrating project, we would like to involve as many strategic partners as possible to make the proposal as strong as possible, so we believe that your support to disseminate this partner search will be of a great help.