Oficina CEER

Urban Prototyping Urban Prototyping is a common research initiative of the School of Design and Environment (SDE) and the School of Computing (SOC) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) with the aim to develop an integrative platform for design, planning and management of the built environment in a sustainable way, based on the application of advanced technologies of virtual prototyping. The project intends to harness the growing computing power and network capabilities as well as the increasing availability of urban metabolic data to create a collaborative environment for urban information and simulation modeling that is able to handle the dynamic, speed and complexity of recent urbanization processes in Asia. More detailed information you find on http://sde.nus.edu.sg/rsh/UrbanPrototyping/Home.html.


In the framework of the Urban Prototyping project five PhD scholarships are available, each of them dedicated to a special field of research within the project. The fields of research are:

1. The requirements of the urban planning practice and the possibilities to integrate advanced systems of information and simulation modeling into the decision-making processes.
2. The availability and use of data in the urban planning process including their aggregation and compensation.
3. Computer-aided decision-making technologies.
4. The technology of simulation modeling and its application in urban planning.
5. Complex modeling systems and the development of an integrative platform.

The PhD students will work on their specific project as part of the research team for a period of 4 years. At the end of the first year a Q&E will be organized that decides about the continuation of the contract.


The scholarship consists of the following payments:
In year 1: about S$ 2,000 per month
In year 2 – 4: about S$ 2,500 per month.

Besides, NUS will support the accommodation of the PhD students.


Applicants usually should have a MSc in architecture/urban planning, environmental planning, computer sciences, system engineering or comparable disciplines. Those, who are interested, should send a short motivation letter with details about the intended field of research together with a cv to prof. Jurgen Rosemann (j.rosemann@nus.edu.sg).