Oficina CEER

Identifier: 75-G-ENT-CIP-13-B-N03S01

Publication Date: 27 June 2013

Budget: € 1 000 000

Deadline: 26 September 2013 at 17:00:00 (Brussels local time)

Specific Programme(s): Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme (EIP)

Additional information

General Objective

The general objective of this call for proposals is to facilitate transnational tourism flows of seniors within Europe in the low season with a view to:

1. Foster the demand and supply of transnational tourism for seniors;
2. Improve tourism seasonality patterns across Europe, by contributing to the extention of the tourism season;
3. Create innovative tourism packages for seniors, which will be available and sustainable after the EU co-financed period;
4. Set up and strenghten sustainable public-private European partnerships, to contribute creating a European tourism domestic market for seniors in the long term.

Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of this call and the possible activities (lists are not exhaustive and provided only for general reference) to implement them are the following:

a) To set up and/or strengthen public and private partnerships at European, national and/or regional levels, with the participation of tourism SMEs, with a view to facilitate transnational tourism exchanges for seniors in the low season within Europe.

b) To develop innovative and sustainable transnational tourism package(s) for seniors, aiming at increasing tourism flows in Europe off-season, involving at least two countries, and carry out an appropriate number of pilot tests to assess it(their) effectiveness within the EC cofinanced period.

c) To strengthen synergies with existing initiatives and transnational projects in the field of tourism.

d) To develop promotion and communication activities to disseminate the transnational packages and raise awareness on the tourism offer for seniors.

Specific Requirements

The proposals

- Shall focus on the senior target group

- Shall be based on trans-national public and private partnerships

- Shall propose a model or mechanism for transnational exchanges

- Shall be technically and financially sustainable.

- Shall be measurable

- Shall give visibility to the European Union´s support to this project.

- Shall exclude that any co-financing from the EU budget is used to subside, either directly or indirectly, any tourist travel.

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