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Commission on the Sustainability of Rural Systems International Geographical Union XVI Annual Conference

The XVI Annual Conference in Spain will be hosted by the University of Saragossa. The Colloquium will start in Jaca (Huesca), a touristic city in the Pyrenees of Aragon, it will continue with a visit to the International Exposition of Zaragoza 2008 and it will end in Teruel.
Paper presentations will be interspaced with fieldwork visits to the high basin of the Gállego river (Huesca) and Albarracín mountains (Teruel), different cases of sustainable rural development. These visits are meant to provide an overview of the environmental and social problems of rural areas of this region.
The number of participants will be limited to 50 due to the mobile nature of the colloquium. If you have not registered yet please do as soon as possible. Registration Form attached at the end of circular.

Colloquium themes

The 2008 colloquium is organised around themes which explore and develop the long-term research tasks of the commission: it will focus on “New ruralities and sustainable use of territory”:
1. The concept of sustainability in rural areas and its analytical and methodological implications
2. Experience and good practices of sustainable development in rural areas
3. Agricultural policies and sustainable development
4. The role of social capital in rural development
5. The process of urban acculturation in the rural areas
6. Multi-functionality and dynamism of rural areas

Call for papers

We encourage you to present papers on the Colloquium issues. On-page abstract (40 lines maximum) should be sent before 30th March to coloquio.ugi.rural@unizar.es and will only be published with full payment of the conference fees.

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